Monday, December 21, 2009

2012 Movie

This movie is based on  Mayan Calendar's prediction that the world will end on Dec 21st 2012!

The movie starts off with the discovery of the earth's crust getting heated up in the astrophysics lab in a small village in India,how this message is propagated to US President,how the president keeps mum on this issue instead of revealing it to the fellow Americans,how China builds a huge Ark  to save only a sample of every species in this world

A Divorced man finds about this prediction from a scientist when he takes his children to camp in Yellow Stone,USA. In the meanwhile the entire city of California is falling like a pack of cards! Its a story of how this divorced man saves his family by escaping from California to China,how he meets other people saves them,how they end up in China,boarding the Ark built by Chinese ...

The Graphics in this movie is 'Absolutely Brilliant' sure enough to keep you at the 'Edge of Your Seat'! Though this movie is based on Mayan Calendar,the concept used in this movie is Noah's Ark !

A must watch movie if you are a great fan of Graphics!!

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