Friday, June 18, 2010


Witnessing the "High Voltage Drama" enacted by Congress govt over certain "objectional" scenes which have "uncanny" resemblances to our Honorable Sonia Gandhi in Prakash Jha's Rajneeti,I went to the movie with lot of expectations to witness these so called "resemblances" unfolding. But what astonished me is the truth of"existence of analogies" to "Ramayan","Mahabharat","Godfather" and "Sarkar Raj" instead but none with either Sonia Gandhi or Congress Party! Still wondering what the "Hue and Cry" by the Congress was all about?

Moving forward,the film kicks off with our Kunti Maata aka Bharti getting pregnant over rain smooch and abandoning the baby boy(Ajay Devgun) fearing the society. The movie is fast forwarded few years and a leader of a party suffering from heart attack on some celebration and is in ICU. Now the party is in jeopardy thinking over its heir. Our cunning Krishna Maama aka Naana Patekar uses his cunning brain and asks the leader to chose his heir. The leader surprisingly chooses his nephew(Arjun Rampal) over his own son (Manoj Bajpai) instigating normal reaction of hatred and opposition from him.In the meanwhile,Katrina Kaif is seen wooing her love Ranbir Kapoor who is least interested in her and who is already committed to some Gori abroad.

The ladies in the movie announce pregnancy over rain dances,shower,kisses and smooches must faster than characters in the movie change clothes. Arjun Rampal plays a guy with a short fuse who always lands in soup and is rescued by his younger brother,Ranbir Kapoor who abandons his Phd following their father's assasination at the airport when he had gone to escort Ranbir Kapoor to the airport.

There are various incidents from Ramayan and Mahabharatha shamelessly lifted like:
1>Manoj Bajpai exercising his power and nominating Ajay Devgun into his party when Ajay has a tussel with Arjun Rampal which is similar to a scene in Mahabharatha
2>Nana Patekar donning the avatar of Krishna from Mahabharatha
3>Ranbir Kapoor's undying love and dedication to his elder brother Arjun Rampal like Bharatha's love for Rama in Ramayan.
4>Ranbir Kapoor and Nana Patekar creating a Chakravyuha to kill Ajay Devgun and Manoj Bajpai where  Krishna Maama aka Nana Patekar brainwashes Arjuna aka Ranbir Kapoor to kill Ajay Devgun when he is escorting the injured Manoj Bajpai to hospital.
5>There is one scene where Bharati on knowing Ajay Devgun is her eldest son whom she abandoned years ago,approaches him and speaks in Shudh Sanskrit as,"Beta,tum meri Jesth Putra ho,ghar vapas chalo" which makes the audience to burst out laughing.This scene is similar to Kunti approaching Karna and owning up that he is her son.

Many scenes from Godfather and Sarkar Raj are also lifted like:
1>Babu Lal,the aide of Manoj Bajpai wakes up one morning to find a dead corpse beside him,photos of him killing his friend scattered in his house. He is blackmailed by Ranbir Kapoor over phone which makes him spill the beans over the misdeeds and plans of Manoj Bajpai. This scene is similar to the scene in Godfather.
2>Another scene from Godfather and Sarkar Raj is lifted where the driver of Arjun Rampal aids in planting bomb in their cars which eventually kills Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor's foreign girl friend.

All these change of events make it simpler for Katrina Kaif to fulfill her dream and make it BIG in politics. She wins the election by sympathy votes.

The basic idea which the director is trying to portray is our junta will believe every Tom,Dick and Harry who poses himself as politician and makes false promises.

A total faltoo movie which could be easily avoided if you are familiar with Ramayan,Mahabharatha,God Father and Sarkar Raj.

If this movie was screened years back,it would have saved us from headache of getting glued to our tv sets to watch Ramanand Sagar's epic mega serials "Ramayan" and "Mahabharatha"!

Btw,I failed to draw similarities  between Sonia Gandhi and Katrina Kaif (as cited by Congress Govt) except that both are foreign origin!

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